We are on Safari

We are still on Safari, we only have two more game drives.  We leave here around 2PM tomorrow.  We have seen lots of animals and taken lots of pictures.  They try to feed us about seven times a day and they are always offering you something from the bar.  I think there are more staff here than guests.  We have seen some interesting things from our deck.  The most interesting thing was a lion who was limping.  He was chased up a tree just in front of the lodge by some hyenas.   We thought for sure he was a goner but he managed to get away, we saw him this morning.  Funny enough he had chased a leopard up a tree to take his kill.  We are having a good time but we only have three days left.  We will be on our way home soon and this will be a wonderful memory.  We will try to get some pictures up soon.



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3 responses to “We are on Safari

  1. Dad

    Great Blog. I enjoy reading the update. Isn’t a safari a great experience! Can’t wait to see the pictures.

  2. Dad

    Looking forward to pics. How are you doing?

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