Argentina vs South Korea, Soccer City, June 17, 2010 part 2

Today was our 3rd Match of the FIFA World Cup 2010. We left a little later than on Monday so we only got in the stadium 30 minutes before the match. We sat down next to an Irish fan today. All decked out in his Irish gear. We chatted up the whole match and I was surprised to find out he knew a little bit about MLS. He said he even watched a few matches on Fox Soccer in Ireland. He seemed very astute about the league and knew of the few Irish players that had played in the league over the last few years. He was by himself and had tickets to 12 games including the Semifinal. He was also going to the US/Slovenia game on Friday so maybe I will see him again! The match started pretty well and got even better in the second half with a final score of Argentina 4-1. The first match of the World Cup with a hat trick by a player at this world cup. I later read it was the 49th hat trick all time in World Cups. Today it was by  #9 Gonzalo Higuain of Argentina. The Argentina fans sang and celebrated the victory a few times on the bus ride back to the park and Ride which was interesting..the song went something along the lines of “vamos Argentina…vamos Argentina…(more Spanish, more Spanish!!!.la…la…la!!!) After the game we decided to go to Woolworths (grocery store around the corner) and grab some dinner to bring back to the cottage….We took it easy and watched the Mexico/France game and went to bed. Tomorrow, we get to sleep in hopefully and then the big game with the US and Slovenia from the iconic Ellis Park where the 1995 South African Rugby team defeated the New Zealand Rugby team in the World Cup Final, some of you may know from the movie “Invicutus”.


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