Denmark vs Holland Soccer City June 14, 2010

On Monday we had tickets to the Denmark/Holland game at Soccer City Stadium.  Soccer City is a new stadium that was built for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the stadium is in Johannesburg.  The game was at 1:30 and we left our cottage at 10:00AM to head to the park n ride.  This park n ride was a much better experience, while it still took a long time at least the whole thing was organized.  When we finally arrived at the stadium we had plenty of time to take pictures and get some lunch.  Soccer City holds 88,460 (announced attendance was 83,465) people so the vuvuzelas were very loud and I had to put in my earplugs for this match.  We sat next to a New Zealand fan named Chris who talked to us during the game. We went ahead and warned him about our trip to Rustenburg because he was traveling on Tuesday to Rustenburg for the New Zealand/Slovakia game. The game started pretty slowly and after about 20 minutes the whole stadium had a wave going. It was pretty impressive to see. Eventually the game picked up in the second half and Netherlands bagged two goals to win 2-0 over the Danes. After the game we got back to the cottage around 6:30, so we decided to get some dinner.  There was a place around the block from our cottage called The Local Grill.  It is a little steak place.  We had an excellent meal.  Brandon and I both had filets for dinner.  I had some fabulous wine and some crème brulee for dessert.  It was a wonderful experience. Very typical of an American steak place but cheaper!


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