USA vs England (Rustenburg, South Africa) June 12th 2010

On Saturday morning we woke up and had breakfast.  We got ready and we headed out to collect our tickets.  For this World Cup they did not send us out tickets instead we had to go to a kiosk and have them printed.  Since the US match was later that night we needed to get our tickets quickly.  We drove to a nearby location and the line was out in the street and did not look like it was moving to fast.  By this time it was 12:30 and our ride was coming at 3 so we made the decision to head back to the airport, this turned out to be a great choice.  At the airport they had separate lines for matches that were that day.  We only waited about ten minutes and we printed all our tickets for the whole time we are here.  While at the airport we also went to the ATM and got some lunch.  It was suddenly our favorite place in Jo’burg.  We headed back to our cottage for a brief rest before our ride arrived.  We arranged to be driven to Rustenburg which was a fantastic idea.  Our driver, Graham, owns a guest house in Jo’burg and also does tours and airport transfers.  In the car was the two of us, a guy from California and some of Graham’s friends from Jo’burg.  We definitely felt safe.

On the way to Rustenburg there is not much to see.  However we did pass by a stop that had several shops and places to eat.  There was a huge sign out front that said World Record in Progress 114 days with poisonous snakes.  I am sorry that I did not get a picture of the sign, but we did not stop.  While on our drive to Rustenburg we got caught in some pretty heavy traffic, Graham decided to take a detour.  We saw some interesting things.  Too bad I did not have my camera out.  We saw villages of houses made out of scrap metal.  I don’t know if I can call them houses, they were tiny more like the size of a bathroom.  Graham stated that if a squatter stays on your land for 24 hours then they become permanent residents.  These villages were made up of people who worked in the nearby platinum mines.  We were told that 80% of platinum is in South Africa and 80% of that is near Rustenburg.  When we finally arrived in Rustenburg, we had to park in a field and take a bus to the stadium.  We finally arrived at the stadium around 7.  We got something to drink and tried to get some food.  The first concession stand only had two options a beef dog or a lamb dog.  We decided to look for another concession stand.  I will post the photo of the menu.  Let me just say that South Africa is not concerned with efficiency or organization.  We stayed in that line for 45 minutes and never got to the front, we decided to go to our seats so we would not miss any of the game.  Most of you know what happened at the game.  I will post some pics of the match.  We had a great time.

Trying to get back to the car was a different story.  The game ended at 10:30 but we did not get back to the car until 1:15.  We had a pretty long day; it was about 13 hours in total.  South Africa is not well equipped to handle these large crowds.  We will see how it plays out at other stadiums.


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