We arrived

We made it through the 24 hours of traveling and arrived at our cottage.  Brandon bravely drove us around Jo’burg.  He had to drive on the left side of the road and every time we took a turn I thought he was going the wrong way.  The good thing is that we are here and our cottage is very nice.  We will be heading out to Rustenburg tomorrow for the US England match.  We are pretty excited and we have someone else driving us.  We hope to walk around a bit in the morning.  More updates later.



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2 responses to “We arrived

  1. Ashley Owens

    Yay! So glad to hear you made it safely! I’ve had all the games on this weekend! What’s up with the incessant horn sound during the games?! I sure hope you brought your own horn so you can toot along with everyone else. Or maybe the vibra-slap??

  2. Those horns are the vuvuzelas. They are everywhere and they make different noises. Some sound like crying babies, some sound like fire engines. On the bus on the way to the stadium the noise was awful, but once we were inside the stadium, we hardly noticed them. I think we will leave the vuvuzelas to the South Africans.

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