Work, School, Gym, South Africa

So it seems like winter is finally gone, we have been having some fantastic weather.  For the majority of February and March I was pretty much working, working out, and studying. 

Working Out- I did achieve my February goal of working out 22 days.  In March I worked out 23 days and so it continues.  I also have lost 9.5 pounds which is pretty exciting.

School – This semester is almost over which is pretty crazy.  I will have 2 semesters down, only 6 more to go.  I actually enjoy going to school, I enjoy learning new things.

South Africa – Our South Africa trip is only about 65 days away, we are trying to get all the details nailed down.  It should be a pretty spectacular trip.  We have  added a safari in Kruger National Park which should be amazing.  I hope to be able to blog while I am there so I can remember the amazing experiences.

Easter- This past weekend was Easter and my mom (LuLu) came to visit.  We had a great weekend.  We went to a play at the Alliance on Friday night and then had pizza at Fellini’s.  On Saturday we took Jackson for a walk and did some shopping.  We met Gordon and Ashley for dinner at Relish and then went back to their house for drinks.  On Sunday we went to Church and then we went down to Pam and Ron’s for lunch. 

I hope the outdoor activities start to pick up now that the weather is nice.  I will try to start posting more often and some more pictures.  We got a really nice camera for our trip and we have been taking lots of pictures of Jackson so I will put some of those up as well as some Easter pictures.  Until next time — Kat


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