The weather outside is frightful and Nice Run

The weather in Atlanta has been less than desirable lately.  It is very very cold and wet.  Not very much fun, I am hoping that spring will break early this year and we will have some wonderful days ahead of us.  I am not even a real outdoor type of person but oh how I love the sun shining on my face.  I have been trying to make working out and eating healthy a priority this year (eating healthy is very hard for me).  I have been  keeping track of how many days I work out instead of just going when I feel like it.  In January I worked out 11 days (pretty sad), so I decided in February I would work out 22 days.   So far I have worked out 12 days including today which means I can only miss 2 days the rest of the month.  As part of my exercising I run 4 days a week, running for me is more like a jog a very slow jog.  From time to time I think I should increase my speed but at the same time I should just be happy I am running.  Well today I was not super pumped about going to the gym, but one of my very good friends wanted to go so I decided to go ahead, what the heck.  Well when I started running I felt great and needless to say I had the best run I have had since I started working out this year.  I ran for 30 minutes straight and felt good at the end of it.  I also ran the first mile at a not so slow jogging pace.  So I will continue on with my little workout journey, and hopefully I will be able to run outside one of these days.


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