It has been a while

It has been a little while since my last post.  We have been a little busy.  1/13/2010 – 1/18/2010 we were on a little beer tour of Colorado, I hope to post some pictures of this little adventure.  Our time involved a lot of beer, the thong song and a few minor injuries.  It was great times.  One of the most memorable moments from the trip was snowshoeing.  Here is a little synopsis of a conversation between Gordon (planner) and snowshoeing guide.

Gordon – “We are here on a beer tour but we would like to get out and see the national park, we are all out of shape and here to drink beer”

60-year-old tour guide who works out every day multiple times – ” I have a great 5 mile hike planned for you, we start at 8,200 feet and we climb up to 10,000 feet, real easy”

Gordon – ” We are all fat and here to drink beer oh and we are from sea level”

Tour guide – “No problem it will be easy”

Drive to National Park

Tour Guide – “If we can’t park there go on up about a half a mile, I know a shortcut”

We park, everyone gets out of the car

Tour Guide – “Follow me” (down a 60 degree incline hill covered with snow and ice as his leg falls about a foot and a half into the snow) What a great shortcut.

I fall down

Tour Guide – “Come on guys go ahead of the ladies and make some tracks” He says to me “Don’t try to slide down you will fly down this hill”

Kat’s inner self  – “Did he think I sat down on purpose”

Finally we get on the trail and we start moving at a very slow pace.  The hike was fun and it was very beautiful, but it was hard and we were out of breath a lot.

We get back to the shop to turn in our gear and the heels of my feet had hurt pretty much the whole hike.  When I pulled of my boots I had blisters (no skin) on the backs of both of my heels.

Ashley says I guess those boots where not worn in

Tour Guide says feet wear in not shoes.

Wow I feel really good about myself.

All in all we had a fabulous time with friends and drinking beer.

We also drove snowmobiles and took a ghost tour at the Stanley.


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