Utah-Part 2

On Sunday we went to Snowbasin resort (The Men’s and Women’s downhill competition was at this mountain when the Olympics were in Salt Lake City).  Since Brandon and I are not great skiers we decided to just enjoy the scenery at Snowbasin.  We rode the gondola up to the top of the mountain where we had lunch at Needles café, thanks to Mamoo and Pappou.  We rode the gondola back down the mountain and we decided to go snow tubing.  Tubing was a lot of fun, I think we could have done that for hours.  Pappou almost went over the hill a couple of times.  It was a great day.  Monday was our last day and we tried to go back to Snowbasin for tubing, however it is only open on the weekends so we headed back towards Wolf Mountain.  We stopped at a little café for lunch and then we went skiing at Wolf Mountain, it was a good time.  Brandon went up the chair lift several times and we all had a really great day.  Overall the trip was great and it was awesome to spend time with family in such a beautiful place.  I will be posting pictures soon.  Hopefully tonight.


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